The core of our brand identity.

The symbiosis of psychology, brain research and marketing forms the core of our brand. Because creative ideas and a great design only work if they trigger emotional fireworks in the viewer's mind. Without the necessary knowledge from brain research, however, this becomes a guessing game. Putting our own subjective feelings in the back of our minds is our key to success. Countless psychological studies and experiments provide us with the facts that are necessary to turn beautiful advertising into really successful advertising.

Our philosophy.

When we were founded over 10 years ago, we set ourselves the goal of fighting the bad reputation of advertising agencies. Most of our current clients have had bad experiences before: blown deadlines, unexpected costs, lack of service and poor results are the most common reasons. Being able to prove to these clients that things can be done differently fills us with pride.

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Founder & Managing Director of wirkungswerk

Relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust and respect, because experience has taught us that this has a direct influence on the result. Only through harmonious interaction between agency and client is it possible to achieve great things. Your goals are our goals. And we do everything we can to achieve them in a way that is worthy of our shared values.

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Jan Risch

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Jonas Reggelin

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Yannick Reggelin

Quality, Flexibility and Service, the large Agencies not offer can.

Our conscious decision in favour of a network model brings clear advantages for you: by working with highly specialised partners in the fields of photography, film, market research, legal advice, translation and many more, we can guarantee exceptionally high quality in each individual service area. With us, you also have the advantage of a single point of contact who focusses on your needs. In short, our network model offers you higher quality, more personalised service and better cost efficiency than you can expect from a large, impersonal agency.

Since 2014, we have been one of the selected agencies in Germany to hold the status of an official Google Partner and are thus considered experts in Google Ads. Our clients benefit from strategies that have been tried and tested for years and deep insider knowledge. As a result, we guarantee that your investment in advertising is used effectively and profitably.

As a member of the NMSBA (Neuromarketing Science & Business Association), we have committed ourselves as a neuromarketing agency to adhering to the strict code for the use of neuromarketing. We do not use any dubious or ethically questionable methods.

Of course, we are also concerned with the issue of sustainability. As an advertising agency, we also do our best to protect our environment as much as possible. For example, we operate our servers with 100 % green electricity and work with printers from Mannheim who print CO₂-neutral. And this, of course, at no extra cost to our customers.

As an advertising agency, we take our social responsibility very seriously, which is why we participate in many social projects in and around Mannheim, e.g. for the social institution Aufwind Mannheim e.V. We are also very happy to offer special discounts and attractive complete packages for founders and aid organisations.

Everything from a single source: We have had a well-established network for 10 years so that we can call on experts in the fields of photography, film, market research, legal advice, translation and many more when needed.

Our apprenticeship programme in the advertising industry is an excellent opportunity for budding talent. Currently, all apprenticeships for this year are unfortunately already taken. For updates on future training opportunities, we recommend that you visit our website regularly.

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Frequently asked questions.
What distinguishes wirkungswerk from other advertising agencies?
Instead of working simply according to customer wishes or personal taste, we rely on neuroscientific findings to demonstrably increase sales and new customer acquisition. This requires intensive, integrative collaboration with our clients, where every detail is strategically aligned and carefully coordinated.
What can clients expect from working with you?
"Marketing based on scientific findings" means that we incorporate research results and data analyses into our marketing strategies and website design. So we base our decisions on scientifically sound findings and not on intuition or personal preferences.
What do you understand by good communication in the customer relationship?
For us, good communication in the customer relationship means, above all, building an open, transparent and trusting relationship with our customers. We attach great importance to actively listening in order to fully understand our customers' needs, goals and expectations. This helps us to offer customised solutions that are precisely tailored to their requirements.
Why has wirkungswerk specialised in neuromarketing?
Leading scientists agree that we make over 90% of our decisions unconsciously. We consistently integrate this insight into our marketing strategies. This scientifically sound approach sets us apart from other agencies and the results we achieve speak for themselves.
How important is customer satisfaction in your agency?
Over the last 10 years, we have achieved a customer satisfaction rate of 100%. This success is based on our honest and open communication about what our customers can expect. We prioritise clarity and transparency in all our relationships and projects. This approach has enabled us to build trusting, long-term partnerships.
How do you deal with complex projects and challenges?
When it comes to complex projects and challenges, we rely on our passion to always find a solution. Our approach is based on a diverse network of experts who specialise in each area. We love to take on challenges and develop creative, customised solutions. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their visions and goals are always at the centre of everything we do.