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The corporate design, i.e. the external appearance of your company, is often the first contact with a potential new customer. And there is no second chance to make a good first impression. With a corporate design based on scientific findings, we give you an edge over your competitors.

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The corporate design is the  Halo  of your company. A positive first impression means that your products automatically appear in a  better light. 

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Psychology of the first impression.

The so-called halo effect is responsible for the fact that a positive first impression through the corporate design ensures that you and your services appear in a better light. Your products are subconsciously associated with the high quality of the corporate design. A high-quality corporate design is therefore the basis for successful marketing.

The requirements for a sales-promoting corporate design are high. Starting with the logo, through the correct choice of fonts, colours and images, to the design of stationery, business cards and much more: every detail, no matter how small, must follow a clear strategy. With us, you receive everything from a single source so that the corporate design can unfold its full effect.

Frequently asked questions.
How can a good corporate design increase sales?
A good corporate design is crucial for strengthening the perception of a brand and creating trust among customers. It ensures a consistent and recognisable appearance across all channels, which reinforces the brand identity. Customers are more likely to engage with brands that appear professional and coherent - this promotes customer loyalty and can encourage repeat purchases. In addition, a well thought-out design can increase brand visibility and set the brand apart from the competition, which in turn can boost sales. By tailoring the design to the target audience, it can also improve conversion rates as it optimises customer engagement and clearly communicates the brand message.
What is the difficulty of a successful corporate design?
A successful corporate design must authentically represent the brand while being flexible enough to adapt to change. Our agency meets these challenges by diving deep into the brand values and creating designs that are both consistent and adaptable. By working closely with our clients, we develop customised solutions that promote a strong brand presence and contribute to long-term business success.
What are the risks if I don't have a professional corporate design?
Without a professional corporate design, companies often risk a weak brand identity, which can lead to customer confusion and reduce credibility. Inconsistent visual communication can undermine consumer trust and reduce the opportunity to build an emotional connection. This, in turn, can lead to lower customer engagement and loyalty. It can also make it harder to stand out in a crowded market, making it harder to build a solid customer base and increase sales. Without a clear design, internal brand perception can also suffer, which can affect employee retention and motivation.
Can I keep existing elements, such as my logo?
Of course, we can take existing elements such as your logo into consideration. We evaluate whether these fit harmoniously into an updated strategy or can continue to be used with adaptations. Close consultation with you is very important to us. However, if we recognise that the existing design elements are no longer representative of your brand, we will recommend a redesign to ensure consistent and effective brand communication. Ultimately, our aim is to create a basis for successful joint work.
What does a good corporate design cost?
The cost of a good corporate design is individual and depends on many variables, such as the scope, complexity and specific requirements of your company. We attach great importance to understanding your brand precisely and invest time in the conception and realisation accordingly. For a customised quote, we will be happy to determine your exact requirements in a personal meeting and then put together a transparent and detailed cost breakdown.
What is the difference between corporate design and corporate identity?
It is often wrongly assumed that corporate design (CD) and corporate identity (CI) mean the same thing, but they are fundamentally different. CD is the visual expression of the corporate identity and includes design elements such as the logo, colour palette and fonts. These elements are essential for the recognisability and visual image of a company. In contrast, corporate identity is the overarching concept that describes the totality of all the characteristics of a company. In addition to the corporate design, the CI includes the corporate culture, the type of communication (corporate communication) and the behaviour (corporate behaviour). The CI expresses what a company stands for, its values, principles and personality. Corporate design is therefore an important part of corporate identity, but cannot be equated with it.
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