The something other Advertising agency.

While classic advertising agencies usually only communicate on the visible and conscious level, with neuromarketing we specifically address the invisible and unconscious level. Since over 90% of all purchasing decisions are made unconsciously, advertising campaigns and websites based on neuromarketing are significantly more successful.

Facts instead of gut feeling: advertising that really works.
Over 10 years of experience in psychology and marketing.
Experience from 150 projects and 1.2 million euros adspend.
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The advantages of neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing is a groundbreaking development that uses findings from neuroscience, brain research and psychology to make marketing strategies more effective and customer-oriented. It takes into account not only aesthetic aspects, but also the way the brain absorbs information and how people make purchasing decisions. Neuromarketing has fundamentally changed and revolutionised the idea of how marketing strategies should be designed.


of our decisions are made unconsciously.¹ But neuromarketing can have a significant impact on the majority of these decisions.

The knowledge from the Neurowebdesign is useful for all areas of marketing and everyday life.

Competitive advantage.

The Neuromarketing is based on studies and facts, not on subjective feelings.

Neuromarketing ensures more Turnover. New customers. Effectiveness. Attention. Trust. Customer loyalty.

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Turnover through the use of neuromarketing.³
Measurable success.

Our brain has been working the same way for thousands of years, and the knowledge about it always remains up to date.


of texts on websites remain unread.² Neurowebdesign dramatically lowers this value, resulting in a significantly higher completion rate on websites.

We are first satisfied, if You it are. For this go we Day for Day to our Limit. And sometimes also about this out.

Highest customer satisfaction.
100% satisfied customers on over 300 projects in 10 years. We are proud of that.
Reliable partner.
We keep every deadline and every price calculation. Promised.
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The something other Advertising agency.

It is not only our scientific approach, which ensures a clear competitive advantage, that sets us apart from other advertising agencies. Convince yourself of our advantages.


Proven strategies from brain research and psychology ensure more new customers and sales.


Your brand deserves full attention, so we only work on a few projects at a time.


Whether virtual eye tracking or AI-supported behavioural analysis: we use innovative technologies.


Our psychologically optimised texts are the basis for successful campaigns and websites.

Fixed price guarantee

No hidden costs. For real works, the quoted price is the final price.


Reliability, transparency and honesty are without exception at the heart of everything we do.

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Frequently asked questions.
What distinguishes wirkungswerk from other advertising agencies?
Instead of working simply according to customer wishes or personal taste, we rely on neuroscientific findings to demonstrably increase sales and new customer acquisition. This requires intensive, integrative collaboration with our clients, where every detail is strategically aligned and carefully coordinated.
What guarantees can you offer that other agencies do not?
We deliberately distance ourselves from the dubious promises that are unfortunately all too common in the industry. Instead, we focus on sustainable partnerships that emphasise honesty and open communication. We are convinced that this is the way to grow and learn together with our customers. As your partner, we strive to earn your trust every day by consistently delivering high-quality work and proving to be a reliable support for your marketing activities.
How does neuromarketing differ from traditional marketing approaches?
"Marketing based on scientific findings" means that we incorporate research results and data analyses into our marketing strategies and website design. So we base our decisions on scientifically sound findings and not on intuition or personal preferences.
Why are there so few agencies in Germany that offer neuromarketing?
On the one hand, people find it difficult to recognise unconscious decision-making processes, even though scientists have proven them many times over. On the other hand, the method is perceived as complex and time-consuming, which is why many opt for more intuitive but less successful approaches. Neuromarketing is already firmly established in the USA and is used successfully by large companies such as Apple and Microsoft.
My product or service is not emotional. Does neuromarketing work anyway?
You will be surprised how even simple and at first sight "boring" products or services can be brought to life. Even buying a pack of screws at the DIY store is not without emotion and is influenced by more factors than you might think at first glance. We also work out the emotional values for your products and services.
Why has wirkungswerk specialised in neuromarketing?
There are already countless advertising agencies that make their customers happy at first with beautiful design. But success almost always fails to materialise and the investment in advertising has not paid off. Since almost all of our decisions, including our buying decisions, are made subconsciously, it is only logical to consider this fact for marketing activities. The results speak for themselves.
¹ G. Zaltman: Consumer Researchers: Take A Hike!, Journal of Consumer Research, 2000, 26, 423-428
² N. Safran: 5 Data Insights into the Headlines Readers Click, SEOMoz, Inc., 2013
³ Average value based on data from 108 customers with an ad spend of EUR 1.1 million