Hans-Georg Cottage

Hans-Georg Häusel is a German neuromarketing expert and author of several books on the subject, such as "Think Limbic! Harnessing the Power of the Unconscious" and "BrainView: Why Customers Buy".

Häusel is regarded as one of the leading experts in the field of neuromarketing in Germany and his work has helped to improve our understanding of how the human brain makes purchasing decisions and how this knowledge can be utilised in marketing.

In his books and lectures, Häusel emphasises the importance of the emotional and unconscious aspects of the human brain in purchasing decisions. He emphasises that many purchasing decisions are made unconsciously and that it is important to establish a positive emotional connection with the customer in order to increase the success of marketing campaigns.

In neuromarketing, Häusel's work has helped to advance research in this field and promote the application of neuroscientific findings in practice. His work has shown that understanding how the human brain makes purchasing decisions can help to develop targeted and effective marketing strategies that are tailored to the emotions and needs of customers.

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