A paywall is a technology that restricts or completely blocks access to online content, such as articles, videos or music, until the user has paid for access. Paywalls are used by publishers and media companies to generate revenue from their content and protect their business models.

There are different types of paywalls, such as hard paywalls, where users cannot access the content without paying first, or soft paywalls, where users can read a limited number of articles or content for free before being asked to pay.

Paywalls can also be used as part of subscription models where users pay regularly for access to certain content or a certain amount of content. Paywalls can also help to improve the quality and credibility of online content by reducing the spread of misinformation and clickbait.

In neuroweb design, the use of paywalls can have an impact on the user experience and user behaviour. A paywall that is too restrictive can cause users to leave the website and switch to alternative sources, while a paywall that is too lenient may not generate enough revenue to cover the costs of content creation.

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