Sales booster Google Ads.

With targeted adverts in Google search, we reach your potential customers exactly where they are looking for your products. Benefit from 15 years of experience and over 1 million euros of managed ads budget. As an official Google partner, we can also put your company on the road to success.

You want to use Google Ads Winning customers? Increase sales? Generate leads?

3 Arguments for Google Ads.

With Google Ads you meet customers exactly when they are looking, control your advertising budget better and only pay when it really counts.

Targeted customer approach
With Google Ads, you can reach users at the exact moment they are searching for your products or services.
Measurable results
Google Ads provides reports that make it possible to measure the success of the adverts and manage investments in a targeted manner.
Value-based billing
We focus on conversion-optimised campaigns where you pay for conversions, not just clicks.
Official Google Partner.
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wirkungswerk and Google.

One strong Partnership.

Since 2014, we have been one of the selected agencies in Germany to hold the status of an official Google Partner and are thus considered experts in Google Ads. Our clients benefit from strategies that have been tried and tested for years and deep insider knowledge. As a result, we guarantee that your investment in advertising is used effectively and profitably.

Our campaigns are monitored according to Google's highest standards
As a Google Partner, we are always up to date with the latest best practices
We are supported by Google account managers with insider tips
Google Partner
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The differentiates us from other Google Ads agencies.

We use science-based strategies and advanced analytics tools to create emotionally engaging Google Ads that not only achieve higher conversion rates, but also optimise your profitability. Unlike traditional agencies, we offer behaviour-based segmentation and a seamless user experience based on neuroscience from ad to landing page.

15 years of experience and hundreds of ad campaigns realised
Full price transparency - no nasty surprises
Full control over your Ads account - your account is yours

We advise You with pleasure.

You can easily book your non-binding consultation appointment with us online. You can choose between Google Meet or the classic telephone option. We look forward to getting to know you!

Google Ads agency in Mannheim.

Google Ads has proven to be an effective platform in the dynamic world of online marketing. Its main advantage lies in targeted advertising, whereby adverts are presented specifically to users who are searching for your products and services. This minimises wastage and ensures efficient use of the advertising budget. A personalised Google Ads consultation can ensure that campaigns are precisely tailored to the company's goals and target group.

Once the campaign has been launched, constant Google Ads support is crucial for the optimal performance of the adverts. Google Ads management ensures that the budget is used in the best possible way, while targeted Google Ads optimisation boosts ad performance and continuously attracts new potential customers. With around 2 trillion search queries per year, Google Ads offers immense scaling possibilities, which quickly makes an investment profitable.

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Frequently asked questions.
How do your services differ from other Google Ads agencies?
What sets our services apart from other Google Ads agencies is our strong focus on neuromarketing and our extensive tracking options. We do not charge a set-up fee and the account remains fully owned by you - you have insight and full control at all times. Our contracts can be cancelled flexibly at the end of the month to guarantee you maximum freedom. We prioritise total transparency so you always know how your budget is being spent. With more advanced tracking capabilities than many of our competitors, we can show you exactly how effective every advertising coin you spend is. With us, you always know exactly what's happening with your money and can be sure that every investment is paying off for your business.
What costs are associated with your Google Ads services?
The cost of our Google Ads services depends on various individual factors, so it is difficult to be precise without knowing your specific needs and objectives. In general, however, you can expect a management share of around 20% of your total advertising budget that you want to spend on your campaigns. There are no additional set-up costs with us.
Do you use automation or AI technologies in your campaign management?
Yes, we rely on automation and AI technologies, but mainly for larger campaigns where advanced bid management pays off. This AI system reacts in real time and adjusts bids optimally to ensure the greatest possible success. For copy and ads we emphasise quality by hand, and for display ads we use eye tracking to maximise attention. Our approach always remains transparent and customer-orientated.
What steps are you taking to ensure that Google Ads are in line with the latest best practices and guidelines?
As a certified Google Partner with ten years of experience, we benefit from a direct line to Google and their insider knowledge, which enables us to always align our campaigns with the latest best practices and guidelines. Our dedicated Google contact keeps us up to date with all innovations, so we can ensure that your Google Ads campaigns are not only effective, but also compliant with Google's latest standards.
How do you measure the success of a campaign?
To measure the success of a campaign, we rely on a comprehensive and GDPR-compliant analysis of user behaviour. We monitor mouse movements, clicks and scrolling behaviour to understand how users interact with your ads. In addition, we use advanced tracking methods to precisely record conversions, i.e. the desired actions of users. This data is then converted into meaningful reports that provide information about the performance of the campaign. We also look at metrics such as the click-through rate (CTR), the conversion rate and the return on ad spend (ROAS) in order to assess and continuously optimise the effectiveness of the ads.
Is there a minimum contract term for your services?
We offer a minimum contract period of three months - just long enough to achieve significant results, but without tying you down for the long term. This is our approach because we believe in the value of our work and not in the need for lengthy contractual commitments that are common in the industry. After this phase, the contract can be cancelled at the end of each month. No hidden traps, no unwanted surprises - a fair deal that is all about your satisfaction and success.
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