The first Impression counts.

A logo is often the first and lasting impression a company makes. As it will accompany you for years, it must be perfect and versatile. Our handcrafted logos are the result of intuition, experience and sound neuromarketing analyses to ensure that your logo is successful and effective in the long term.

Over 10 years of experience in logo design.
High quality, handmade design.
Psychologically optimised & emotionally appealing.
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We create logos that capture the essence of your brand in a visually appealing and strategically thought-out form. With one eye for contemporary trends and the other for enduring values, our designs offer not only aesthetic excellence but also strategic relevance.

Our philosophy.

In our philosophy, we focus on seeing each logo as a bespoke visual narrative that captures the uniqueness and core of a company. We believe that logos are more than just decorative elements; rather, they are a kind of visual language that should communicate the brand message clearly and unambiguously. This philosophy commits us to an individual approach for each project to ensure that the end result is not only appealing, but also profound and meaningful.

Our approach combines craftsmanship with a deep understanding of the psychological mechanisms that influence brand perception and customer loyalty. We know that a logo does not stand in isolation, but must function smoothly in diverse media and applications. From colour palette to typography, every aspect is thought through and analysed for impact. Our philosophy is to provide you with not just a design, but a complete visual strategy that serves and grows your business.

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This is how your logo is created.

At our agency, logo development starts with a briefing that goes far beyond a simple conversation. Here we get a multidimensional view of the client's company, its goals and its target group. Then we enter the workshop of ideas. In this creative space, we not only sketch out designs, but also form the first visual prototypes that are meant to reflect the multi-layered nature of the company's identity. Every stroke, every curve is drawn by hand and with extreme precision. In the colour design phase, we delve into the intricacies of colour psychology. The colour palettes we develop are designed to resonate with the brand not only aesthetically, but also emotionally and psychologically. When it comes to typography selection, we take an equally scrupulous approach. We sift through countless fonts to find the one that is both aesthetically pleasing and legible, giving the brand a distinct voice.

With this technical and analytical basis, we move on to digital realisation. Using specialised software such as Adobe Illustrator, we transpose the hand-made sketches into vector files that appear sharp and clear at any size and in any medium. But the process doesn't end with digitisation. In the next phase, so-called micro-adjustments are made to colour saturation, shadows and even the weighting of the individual letters. Everything remains closely harmonised with the original handcrafted designs. Finally, the logo is comprehensively tested under real-life conditions, from business cards and websites to large-format posters. This careful, multi-layered approach results in a logo that in its final form is far more than a simple design element. It becomes the unmistakable figurehead of the brand, created with technical precision and strategic depth.

Frequently asked questions.
Why is investing in a professional logo important for long-term business success?
A professional logo is far more than just a visual symbol; it is the centrepiece of your brand identity. It captures the essence of your business and communicates it at a glance. Through its recognisability, it builds a connection with your customers and promotes trust in your products or services. A well-designed logo can reflect your business values and appeal to your target audience. It conveys professionalism and credibility, which encourages customers to engage with your brand and do business. In addition, a consistent and memorable logo creates a strong presence across different media.
Will you provide a branding manual or style guide along with the logo?
Yes, as part of the development of a new corporate design, we offer a comprehensive branding manual or style guide. This essential document serves as a guideline for the consistent application of the brand across all media and platforms. It includes detailed instructions on the use of the logo, colour palette, typography and other visual elements, as well as the tonality and style of the brand communication.
How will wirkungswerk ensure that my logo is legally protected and unique?
At wirkungswerk, we always design your logo as a one-off. Our approach is always craft-orientated and aims to create a design that is perfectly tailored to your brand and clearly stands out from others. To legally protect your logo, we recommend that you consider a trade mark application, supported by a qualified trade mark lawyer. This step will ensure that your logo is legally protected and registered as a trade mark. We will be happy to assist you in creating and providing the necessary design specifications and documentation for this application.
How does a good logo help to increase credibility and trust in my brand?
A convincing logo immediately conveys that your company is reputable and professional. It acts as a seal of quality that reassures customers and shows them that they are dealing with a trustworthy provider. The right design helps to express your values and corporate personality and helps customers to build an emotional connection with your brand. By telling a story or evoking certain associations, your logo can create a deeper connection with your target audience, building trust and credibility.
Will wirkungswerk help us develop a branding strategy?
Yes, we at wirkungswerk are here to help you develop a comprehensive branding strategy. Our goal is to build your brand in such a way that it conveys a strong message and leaves a lasting impression. We work with you from concept to execution to ensure your brand is communicated consistently and presented effectively across multiple channels. We take into account your company values, your target audience and the specifics of your market to create a customised branding strategy that delivers real results.
Is the logo suitable for international markets and cultures?
In our work at wirkungswerk, we make sure that your logo is globally appealing and culturally appropriate if your ambitions include international markets. We take into account cultural nuances, symbolism and colour meanings to ensure that the logo is positively received everywhere and does not communicate unintended messages. A carefully considered design ensures that your logo adequately represents the brand globally and has the potential to build trust and recognition on an international level.
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