The right Strategy is decisive.

Neuromarketing opens up completely new possibilities for innovative and successful marketing strategies.

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Our expertise goes far beyond traditional marketing methods and penetrates the deep levels of human behaviour and decision-making. With this unique approach, we design marketing strategies that not only stand out, but also have a lasting impact. We analyse how people think, feel and decide to create campaigns that really resonate.

Rather than relying on assumptions, we base our strategies on science and psychology-based insights to ensure that your marketing is not only creative, but also effective. With us, you get more than just a fancy website or engaging social media posts; you get a thoughtful, holistic strategy designed to deliver real and lasting results.

Brand workshop

In the initial brand workshop, we work with you to define the core messages, target groups and unique selling propositions that will serve as the cornerstones of your overall marketing strategy.

Target group analysis

Through comprehensive market research and data-driven target group analyses, we identify market needs and competitive landscapes in order to precisely target your marketing measures.

Channel and content strategy

Based on the previous analyses, we create an integrated channel and content strategy that determines which messages are played out where and when in order to reach your target groups effectively.

Budget and resource planning

We develop a detailed budget and resource plan to ensure that all financial and human resources are optimally utilised so that your marketing strategy can be successfully implemented.

Implementation and monitoring

Once the strategy has been developed, it is implemented, accompanied by continuous monitoring in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures in real time and make quick adjustments if necessary.

Success monitoring and optimisation

Finally, we carry out a thorough performance review in which both quantitative and qualitative KPIs are analysed in order to continuously optimise the strategy for future campaigns.

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Our philosophy.

We see marketing as more than just advertising; for us, it is the art of creating real relationships between brands and people. With the help of neuromarketing, we go deeper than conventional methods and find out what really moves your customers. With this valuable information, we can develop strategies that not only stand out, but are also memorable. We are all about effective communication that leaves a lasting impression.

In a world where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, we rely on precisely targeted campaigns that reach consumers exactly where they spend the most time. We value transparency and open communication with our clients to ensure that all parties are on the same page throughout the process. Our focus is on creating value and relevance for your target audience to build long-term loyalty and brand engagement.

Frequently asked questions.
How does a neuromarketing-based strategy differ from a traditional marketing strategy?
Our neuromarketing-based strategy differs from traditional marketing approaches by integrating insights from neuroscience and behavioural psychology. Unlike traditional agencies that rely on demographic data and market research, we focus on in-depth analyses of subconscious behaviour. With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of studies analysed, we offer precise, emotional strategies that lead to higher conversion rates and stronger brand loyalty.
What are the elements of a good marketing strategy?
A good marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that combines clearly defined objectives, a detailed analysis of the target audience and a deep understanding of the brand identity. It takes into account how the company wants to position itself in the market and integrates a harmonised marketing mix that includes product, price, placement and promotion.
Can the marketing strategy also be applied internationally?
Yes, the marketing strategies we develop are designed in such a way that they can be implemented both locally and internationally. We take into account the specific requirements of different markets, from cultural particularities to legal frameworks. This enables us to develop a strategy that is globally consistent yet locally relevant.
How do you ensure that the marketing strategy is in line with my corporate vision and mission?
To ensure that the marketing strategy developed is aligned with your company's vision and mission, we usually start the process with a comprehensive brand workshop. Here we take the time to thoroughly understand your organisation, its culture, objectives and key messages. Together, we then define the long-term goals and the core message you want to convey. Once this framework is established, we develop a strategy that is customised to these elements.
How do you decide which marketing channels are most effective for my brand?
ChatGPT We decide on the most effective marketing channels for your brand by analysing your target audience and their media consumption, evaluating industry trends and competitive strategies, reviewing your previous marketing activities and considering data and current trends. This combined analysis allows us to develop a customised, targeted strategy that optimally positions your brand and supports your business objectives.
What exactly is the content of the brand workshop and how long does it last?
In our brand workshop, which lasts 2 to 3 hours, we focus on understanding and strengthening the core aspects of your brand. We cover your brand identity, target group analysis and positioning against the competition. We also utilise neuroscientific findings to develop effective marketing strategies.
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In our "Neurotracking" section, you can discover how we use technologies such as virtual eye tracking to gain deeper insights into customer psychology. We share the latest neuromarketing trends and practical findings with you on our blog. In addition, our comprehensive glossary makes it easier to understand complex technical terms in neuromarketing.

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