Exceptional print design that inspires. And works.

No digital medium can replace the emotions triggered by a high-quality print product. The fact that more and more companies are neglecting print products presents a great opportunity. With innovative finishing techniques and new types of paper, we create print products that will amaze your customers.

"Print design is the art of transforming information into visual works of art."

Maximum effectiveness.

Maximum effectiveness.

It has been proven that print products attract more attention and are viewed and read significantly more often. In conjunction with findings from neuroscience and psychology, this not only creates visual highlights, but also real sales boosters.

Exclusive design.

Exclusive design.

We focus on solutions that emphasise the uniqueness of the brand. The combination of hand-picked colour schemes, sophisticated typography and high-quality graphic elements results in a design that clearly stands out from the crowd and leaves an exclusive impression.

High-quality materials.

High-quality materials.

Paper that feels or smells like leather, special gloss effects and embossing: We specialise in high-quality print products. Together with selected partner print shops, we create impressive products that you have never seen before and that clearly stand out from the competition.

Print is dead. Long live print!

In a world where digitalisation and online media are firmly in control, you often hear the expression "print is dead". But the physical world is still a space where brands can make an indelible impression. Print lives, and it lives in a form that allows companies to stand out from the crowd in an unrivalled way. High-quality print products, whether in the form of brochures, business cards or posters, offer a tangible interaction that simply cannot be replicated in the digital space. You can feel textures, see colours in their purest form and even smell freshly printed paper. These sensory experiences create an emotional connection that goes far beyond what a screen can convey.

The renaissance of print lies in its uniqueness and its ability to create a lasting physical presence in the consumer's world. While a tweet or an Instagram post can get lost in the flood of information in seconds, a well-designed print product is here to stay. It can sit on a desk, hang on a wall or be tucked away in a pocket, always ready to deliver its message in a direct and tangible way. Therein lies the true strength of print media. It is not only a carrier of information, but also of emotions, impressions and values. In a world where everything is changing and attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, print offers an opportunity to pause and make deeper connections. So yes, print is dead. Long live print.

At wirkungswerk, we design business cards that not only communicate your contact details, but also represent your brand. Each card is designed with the utmost care to ensure that it leaves a lasting impression on those you speak to. With an eye for design and an understanding of the importance of first impressions, we create business cards that exude professionalism and capture the essence of your brand.

We conceive and design brochures that harmonise information transfer and brand identity. With a clear understanding of design and communication, we create materials that not only educate, but also reflect the values and character of your organisation. Our brochures serve as effective tools to reach your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

We design stationery that exudes professionalism and consistently communicates your corporate identity. Every element, from paper quality to typography, is carefully selected to ensure your business correspondence leaves a positive impression.

Our expertise also extends to designing packaging that presents your products in an appealing and functional way. We consider both aesthetic and practical aspects to ensure that your packaging is not only visually appealing, but also ensures the protection and ease of use of your products. Our aim is to create packaging that reinforces the brand message while meeting the needs of your customers.

We develop roll-up banners that present your message in a large and effective way. Our designs are aimed at attracting attention and highlighting your brand, whether at trade fairs, events or in your business premises. With creative graphics and an appealing layout, we ensure that your roll-up banners achieve the desired effect and arouse interest.

Our agency designs effective posters that convey your message clearly and attractively. With creative designs and concise content, we ensure that your posters attract attention and present your brand effectively, whether on the street, in shops or at events.

We design promotional items that make your brand memorable and offer practical benefits at the same time. Our designs are focused on getting your message across effectively, whether it's on printed mugs, textiles or other promotional items. With creative graphics and high-quality printing, we make sure that your promotional items have the desired effect and leave a positive impression on your customers.

Our agency designs clothing that represents your brand in style. Whether it's T-shirts, polo shirts, aprons or other textiles, we provide high-quality designs and prints that showcase your brand effectively. Our aim is to create garments that are not only comfortable, but also help to communicate your brand identity in an appealing way.

This is how our print products are created.

For us, the journey of every print product begins with a concept phase in which we focus on the customer's brand identity. Before the first line is drawn, there is an intensive dialogue with the customer to understand their wishes and needs. On this basis, our designers develop initial sketches and scribbles, which are then developed into concrete design drafts. The colour palette, typography and graphic elements are carefully selected and coordinated to create a visual language that conveys the company's message powerfully and precisely.

After the final coordination round, in which even the smallest detail is checked and refined, we prepare the print data. We make sure that all design elements are available in high resolution and in the right format so that our partner print shops can realise the vision perfectly. At this stage, collaboration with specialised print shops that share our understanding of quality and precision is crucial. Although the printing itself is done externally, we keep an eye on the entire process and carry out quality checks to ensure that the end product meets our high standards.

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Frequently asked questions.
What distinguishes your agency from other graphics agencies?
Our agency differs from other graphic design agencies in two main areas: neuromarketing and material selection. We use insights from neuroscience to create designs that are not only beautiful, but also psychologically effective. This adds an extra dimension to our work that goes far beyond the visual. We also specialise in the use of high-quality and unusual materials. This not only ensures an appealing look, but also offers a tactile experience that strengthens brand loyalty.
Are there ways to use sustainable or recyclable materials for printing?
Yes, definitely. Sustainability is important to us and we work closely with our partner printers to offer eco-friendly options. We can print projects on recyclable paper or other sustainable materials such as bio-plastics. There are also plant-based inks and other eco-friendly printing techniques that we can utilise. We are happy to advise you in detail on the possibilities and benefits of sustainable printing solutions to ensure that your project is not only visually appealing but also environmentally responsible.
Can I bring in my own images and texts for the design, and are there requirements for the quality of these elements?
Yes, you can add your own images and text, but professional photos and graphics are extremely important for the quality of the end product. Texts are also an art in themselves and should meet high standards. Your own material is welcome, but it should meet our quality standards. We will be happy to review your materials and make suggestions for improvement if necessary.
Are you able to integrate customised products or individual materials into the design?
Yes, the integration of custom-made products and individual materials is indeed one of our specialisations and one of the big differences that sets us apart from other agencies. We work closely with specialised suppliers and printers to incorporate unique and high-quality materials into our projects. This allows us to create print products that offer an exceptional experience both visually and tactilely.
Are there ways to easily customise or update the design in the future?
Of course, the future customisability of a design is an important criterion that we like to take into account from the outset. If you inform us in advance that you have plans for future updates or extensions to the design, we can create the design in such a way that it is flexible and scalable. This makes subsequent adjustments easier and ensures that your design remains up-to-date and appealing in the long term. We will be happy to advise you on the various options.
What security measures do you take to ensure that the print data does not fall into the wrong hands?
The security of your print data is our top priority, especially when it comes to sensitive content such as annual reports or internal documents. We maintain long-term partnerships with selected print shops and suppliers who are also committed to strict security measures. All data is sent via secure transmission channels and only stored on secure servers. Our internal processes are organised in such a way that access to the data is strictly controlled. This enables us to guarantee a high level of security.
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