Webdesign & Logo

About Altana Invest AG

Altana Invest AG, with 25 years of experience, is a renowned investment company. Its expertise lies in investing in property, companies and innovative business concepts. With a focus on long-term strategies, it combines traditional values with responsibility while offering customised financing solutions and company takeovers.

Web design made by effective work

For "Altana Invest AG" we developed a web design that reflects the strength and durability of the Swiss mountains. The design utilises snow-capped mountain peaks to represent the vision and foundation of the company. The website offers an intuitive user experience and conveys the core values of "Altana Invest AG" in the context of the Swiss landscape.

Logo design made by effective work

ChatGPT I developed a logo design concept for "Altana Invest AG" that represents the values and visions of the company in a unique way. At the centre of the logo is the innovative fusion of the letters "A" and "I", which together form a stylised representation of a house. This symbol not only stands for the property sector in which "Altana Invest AG" operates, but also for stability and security - values that play a decisive role in the property world. The logo combines simplicity with elegance to create an instantly recognisable yet timeless impression. The clear lines and balanced composition reflect the precision and professionalism of "Altana Invest AG". In terms of colour, it is based on the tones of the Swiss mountains, which are also used in the web design. This creates visual continuity between the logo and the company's online presence, anchoring the brand even more firmly in the minds of customers.