Dr. Young Dentists

Webdesign & Logo

About Dr. Young Dentists

Dr Jung Zahnärzte is a dental practice in Wetzlar that specialises in various areas of modern dentistry. From implants and prosthetics to the treatment of dental anxiety and general anaesthesia, they offer a wide range of services. Their aim is to make your visit to the dentist as pleasant and relaxed as possible.

Web design made by wirkungswerk

The web design for Dr. Jung Zahnärzte combines an appealing colour palette of gold and dark blue to create an atmosphere of professionalism and trustworthiness. This colour choice reflects both the exclusivity and the calming and welcoming nature of the practice. The website utilises strong imagery, with a focus on images that depict the feel-good and relaxed atmosphere of the practice. These images show friendly interactions between the team and patients, as well as pleasant and calming environments that make visiting the dentist seem less intimidating.

Logo design made by wirkungswerk

We created a striking and stylish design for the Dr Jung Zahnärzte logo. At the centre is a golden "J", which is cut diagonally at the top, creating a modern and dynamic look. This "J" is surrounded by an elegant black frame that holds the logo together and gives it a clear outline.