Intelligent Investors

Magazine layout & logo development

About Intelligent Investors

"Intelligent Investors" is the new premium magazine from the finanzwelt publishing group. The magazine is aimed at institutional investors, professional and semi-professional investors. The core target group is decision-makers from private banking, wealth management, insurance companies and pension funds, asset managers, family offices, foundations and institutional organisations.

Layout made by wirkungswerk

When designing "Intelligent Investors", we attach great importance to precision and aesthetics. Our modern layout combines clarity with elegance to present the content in the best possible way. Our carefully selected imagery visually enhances each article and customised graphics make complex data accessible and understandable for the reader.

Logo design made by wirkungswerk

The logo design of "Intelligent Investors" embodies modern aesthetics, clarity and minimalism in its simplicity. Framed by two simple lines, the deep black emblem stands out as a symbol of pure elegance and strength. In a world full of distractions, the "Intelligent Investors" logo makes a conscious statement in favour of concentration and clarity.

Your Vision, ours Expertise

By combining aesthetic sensitivity and neuromarketing techniques, we are able to appeal to emotions in a profound way and create a stronger bond with the audience. Are you impressed by the way "Intelligent Investors" reaches its readers? We would be happy to realise your project with the same depth and expressiveness.