Brain research meets on Marketing: For Your Success.

People make over 90 % of their decisions unconsciously. That's why we combine knowledge from brain research with creative design and innovative technology. Whether website, corporate design, social media or print products: With neuromarketing, we give you an almost unfair advantage over your competitors.

Over 10 years of experience in marketing and psychology.
Reliable service and transparent fixed prices.
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Founder & Managing Director of wirkungswerk | Werbeagentur Mannheim

Advertising agency Mannheim

The something other Advertising agency.

It is not only our scientific approach, which gives you a clear competitive advantage, that sets us apart from other advertising agencies. Because service, transparency and trust are still writ large with us.

Advertising agency Mannheim
Proven strategies from brain research and psychology ensure more new customers and sales.
We focus on long-term, trusting cooperation. You can rely on us.
We develop precise strategies, perfectly tailored to your company. Because no two brands are the same.
Your brand deserves full attention, so we only work on a few projects at a time.

Our services: Everything from a single source.

Marketing can only be successful if all the cogs mesh seamlessly. With us, you get everything from a single source: from strategy and website to branding and print design.

A partner you can rely on.

As one of the first neuromarketing agencies in Europe, we have been serving a wide variety of companies, from innovative start-ups to corporations, for over 10 years. Our expertise in the fields of psychology, brain research and neuroscience lays the foundation for effective marketing and maximum customer satisfaction.

Reliability, transparency and honesty are at the heart of everything we do. They not only form the basis of our business relationships, but also shape our corporate culture. These values are a promise to you.

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Successful Projects.

Our national and international customers from a wide range of industries are as diverse as our team. The references shown here are just a selection. If you are looking for work for specific sectors, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Free neuroanalysis.

Discover the full power of your digital marketing! Our comprehensive neuroanalysis forms the foundation for your marketing success. Whether website, Google Ads, print products or other marketing tools - we bring light into the darkness and show you what really works. With over 100 specifically analysed factors, we not only provide you with insights, but also real solutions. And our detailed feedback won't cost you a cent. A no-obligation consultation opens up new horizons for you and is the first step towards successful marketing.

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About 150 satisfied Customers.

For us, your satisfaction comes first. We communicate openly and directly with you, without jargon. Honesty, trust and pleasant cooperation are important to us. And who better to report about us than our satisfied customers?

Since 2014

Your Advertising agency from Mannheim.

In the urban heart of Mannheim beats the creative pulse of our advertising agency, which drives both innovative advertising campaigns and social commitment.

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Since our foundation in 2014, we have been firmly anchored in Mannheim as an advertising agency. The city of Mannheim, known for its entrepreneurial spirit and cultural diversity, is much more than just a place of business for us. It is a source of inspiration and home at the same time. In this environment, we strive to develop innovative and effective advertising concepts that meet the needs of our regional and national clients.

As an advertising agency in Mannheim, the social and cultural well-being of the city is also close to our hearts. Through our active participation in local projects and initiatives, we aim to contribute positively to the community. This commitment is an integral part of our philosophy. It underlines our understanding of an advertising agency as a company that bears not only professional but also ethical and social responsibility.

Frequently asked questions.
What distinguishes wirkungswerk from other advertising agencies?
Instead of simply working according to client preferences or personal taste, our agency uses neuroscientific insights to demonstrably increase sales and new client acquisition. This requires intensive, integrative collaboration with our clients, with every detail strategically aligned and carefully coordinated.
What is meant by "marketing based on scientific findings"?
"Marketing based on scientific findings" means that we incorporate research results and data analyses into our marketing strategies and website design. So we base our decisions on scientifically sound findings and not on intuition or personal preferences.
What costs can I expect? What does it cost to hire an advertising agency?
Unfortunately, due to the specific requirements of each project, we cannot give a blanket price quote. Nevertheless, we understand that a cost framework is important for your planning. We would be happy to discuss the expected price range for your project in a personal meeting. Our customers appreciate our transparent pricing.
Why has wirkungswerk specialised in neuromarketing?
Leading scientists agree that we make over 90% of our decisions unconsciously. We consistently integrate this insight into our marketing strategies. This scientifically sound approach sets us apart from other agencies and the results we achieve speak for themselves.
Does wirkungswerk contribute to both environmental protection and social projects?
As an environmentally conscious advertising agency, we use 100% green electricity and work with CO₂-neutral printers, mainly from our region. In addition, we participate in social projects, fundraising campaigns and offer special support for founders and non-profit organisations. Feel free to contact us about this.
Does wirkungswerk also work with small and medium-sized enterprises?
At wirkungswerk Mannheim, we combine the expertise gained from projects with industry leaders with an understanding of the dynamics of SMEs. Our broad client base reflects our ability to offer tailor-made solutions for any size of business. With us, every company, large or small, is a valued partner.
Our book.

Discover our bestseller on the topic of neuroweb design.

About the book
Exciting insights.

In our "Neurotracking" section, you can discover how we use technologies such as virtual eye tracking to gain deeper insights into customer psychology. We share the latest neuromarketing trends and practical findings with you on our blog. In addition, our comprehensive glossary makes it easier to understand complex technical terms in neuromarketing.

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