Websites, the inspire.

And Results deliver.

A first-class website is not only characterised by its appealing design, but above all by its effectiveness. That's why we create websites based on neuroscientific findings. The evaluation of hundreds of studies confirms that psychologically optimised websites are significantly more successful.

Facts instead of gut feeling: websites that work.
Over 10 years of experience in web design and psychology.
Reliable service and transparent fixed prices.

wirkungswerk | web design Mannheim

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Web design becomes neuroweb design.
Psychologically optimised websites use the findings of brain research to select design language, colour choice, wording, font and much more in such a way that visitors are subconsciously influenced in their decision-making.
An investment in the future that pays off.
Our websites do not follow a current trend that will be over in 2 years. The way we make decisions has not changed for centuries. That's why psychologically optimised websites will still be up-to-date and successful in many years.
Guesswork is a thing of the past.
Our GDPR-compliant tools can capture every last detail of your visitors. We collect data that goes far beyond the usual metrics. The large amount of data can be used to further optimise the website.

What distinguishes wirkungswerk from other web design agencies?

Psychologically optimised.
Our websites appeal to the emotional level of your visitors, increase dwell time and promote measurably positive decisions.
Innovative technologies.
Using the latest techniques, we track where visitors look, identify where they interact on the website and highlight hidden sales potential.
High-quality content.
We create content for you that reinforces your message, triggers emotions, reaches your target group and thus turns prospects into loyal customers.
Results orientation.
Your success is what drives us; we focus not just on beautiful designs, but on achieving tangible, positive results for your business.
Guaranteed fixed prices.
Our guaranteed fixed prices give you financial security and clarity - without hidden costs or subsequent surprises.
Reliable service.
Trust comes from good experiences - we invite you to leave past disappointments behind and be pleasantly surprised by our service.
Official partner
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Effective advertise with Google Ads. From Google certified.

As an official, certified Google partner, we always follow Google's guidelines and provide the search engine with exactly what it demands. This approach ensures significantly more reach and thus more sales.

Experience from 150 projects and 1.2 million euros adspend.
Own Google contact for optimised performance.
Measurable results through data-driven campaigns.
More about Google Ads

Search engine optimisation (SEO): The perfect Supplement to Google Ads.

More than just an SEO agency in Mannheim.

Visibility is crucial in the digital world. As an experienced SEO agency, we offer professional services to optimise the positioning of your website in search engines. While Google Ads focuses on paid placements, our SEO optimisation focuses on an organic and long-term presence in the search results. With our specialised expertise, we can help you to sustainably improve your online presence without the ongoing costs of paid ads. Let's work together to increase your digital visibility.

In contrast to many providers on the market, we as your SEO agency attach great importance to seriousness and transparency. While others often make hasty guarantees regarding rankings, we are convinced that honesty and hard work deliver the best results in the long term. It is important for us to emphasise that no absolute guarantees are possible in the SEO world. Search engine algorithms are complex and constantly changing. We don't promise you the impossible, but use all our expertise and commitment to achieve the best possible results for you.

As a renowned SEO agency and SEA agency, we have deep insights into the synergies of SEO optimisation and Google Ads. SEO optimisation focuses on the long-term building and sustainable improvement of your organic search presence. Over time, this leads to a trusted position in the search results that can be kept stable without recurring click costs. On the other hand, Google Ads, as the main component of SEA, allow instant visibility and targeting of your potential customers. They are particularly useful to react promptly to market movements or to advertise special offers. In combination, both strategies unfold their full potential. While Google Ads address short-term goals and quick visibility, SEO optimisation lays the foundation for a lasting and cost-effective online presence. A balanced interaction of both approaches guarantees a holistic and effective presence in the digital space.

"Anything that doesn't trigger emotions is worthless to our brain."

- Dr Hans-Georg Häusel

Bestseller No. 1 on Amazon | Web Design Category

Over 10 years of expertise from web design, psychology and brain research in one book.

Neurowebdesign" was created from the experience of over 150 projects and hundreds of evaluated studies from neuroscience. Initially intended only as an internal handbook for our team, it has found its way to a wider audience and established itself as a bestseller. It not only offers an in-depth look into the human brain and the way we think, but also explains what makes our websites so successful.

"The first book that combines robust studies from psychology with web design. Despite its scientific claim, it is easy to understand and an absolute recommendation."

- Dorothee Schöneich, finanzwelt Verlag

About the book
Neuromarketing agency
Innovative technology

Trust is good. Eye tracking is better.

Knowing where users will look even before the website is launched? No problem. Because even during the design process, we can use virtual eye tracking developed by MIT to test which elements receive special attention. This allows us to adjust the focus on certain areas even before the website is programmed. The system works with an accuracy of 92 % compared to a real eye tracking with 40 persons carried out in research institutes and is by far the leading system of its kind. We are one of the few agencies in Europe that have access to this system.

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Our service.

Our customers value us not only for our in-depth expertise in web design, but also for our innovative approach. A special highlight is our service: with us, every customer is assigned a contact person who takes care of all concerns throughout the entire web design project and afterwards. The reasons for this special attention? Many of our customers reported less positive experiences with other web agencies. That's why, since our foundation in Mannheim 10 years ago, we have made it our mission to set new standards in terms of trust and reliability.

But our support by no means ends when your website goes online. In addition to programming your new website, we offer comprehensive maintenance packages that ensure your digital presence remains up-to-date - whether through regular updates, ongoing security checks or the addition of the latest features. With us, you get more than just a service: you invest in a lasting partnership, characterised by unparalleled service and constant reliability. Together, we will ensure that your website not only goes live, but also remains successful in the long term.

Our philosophy.

Relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust and respect, because experience has taught us that this has a direct influence on the result. Only through harmonious interaction between agency and client is it possible to achieve great things. Your goals are our goals. And we do everything we can to achieve them in a way that is worthy of our shared values.

To ensure this, we foster a culture of constant communication and open exchange that ensures every voice is heard and every idea is valued. Our relationship with you is more than a business relationship; it is a partnership journey where we face challenges together, seize opportunities and strive for continuous growth.

Frequently asked questions.
What does "neuroweb design" mean?
Neurowebdesign means that we integrate the latest findings from neuroscience into the design of websites. Our decisions are based on hard facts about human behaviour and how the brain processes information. Instead of relying on pure intuition, we use precise data and in-depth studies to create elements that are not only visually impressive, but also optimally address users' decision-making processes. This creates digital environments that are precisely tailored to the subconscious preferences of your target group and maximise engagement and conversions.
What costs can I expect?
Every project is unique and brings with it its own individual requirements. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to give general price information. We may not be the cheapest, but we stand for an excellent price/performance ratio. For example, our websites start at 3,000 euros, including sales-boosting texts. Because your investment in advertising must pay off.
Do you also take care of maintenance?
Our web agency is all about customised web design that perfectly expresses your vision and brand. We understand that every website is unique, which is why we offer various maintenance packages tailored to every need and budget to keep your website running smoothly and reliably. We also take care of hosting on our high-performance servers, which are specially optimised for the best performance. With our all-round carefree package, we ensure that you can concentrate fully on your business while we take care of your brand's digital shop window. Rely on our expertise in web design and web hosting for a seamless and compelling online presence.
We already have a website. Can you help?
Of course! It doesn't always have to be a complete redesign of a website. Sometimes even small changes are enough to get significantly more out of your internet presence. With our neuroanalysis, we put your website through its paces. In elaborate manual work, we take into account over 100 factors that make websites really successful. You will then receive a guideline that you can either implement yourself or have implemented by a web designer of your choice. Contact us!
What is a Google Partner?
Google Partners are recognised as trusted and expert companies that excel in Google products such as Google Ads and Google Analytics. To obtain and retain the status, they must pass regular certification exams, meet strict requirements, including spending at least €10,000 on ads every 90 days, and consistently deliver above-average ad quality.
Do you also create webshops?
As a web design agency, we naturally also offer the design and optimisation of web shops. In this area, the possibilities are particularly diverse, as the strengths of neuromarketing are fully utilised here. We have the ability to track every click - from the first glance at a product to the final purchase. Every movement of the mouse provides us with valuable data that we use to continuously improve the user experience. These detailed insights allow us to precisely refine and customise both the website and the associated advertisements. By understanding what drives customers and what factors influence their decisions, we can create a shopping experience that is not only intuitive and enjoyable, but also significantly increases conversion rates.
Our book.

Discover our bestseller on the topic of neuroweb design.

About the book
Exciting insights.

In our "Neurotracking" section, you can discover how we use technologies such as virtual eye tracking to gain deeper insights into customer psychology. We share the latest neuromarketing trends and practical findings with you on our blog. In addition, our comprehensive glossary makes it easier to understand complex technical terms in neuromarketing.

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